About The Ramen Stall

The Ramen Stall was created with all our customers in mind, serving authentic Japanese cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients for our locals to enjoy and our visitors to experience a Singaporean twist using traditional Japanese techniques.

Forerunners in the Halal Japanese food industry, we strive to provide the taste of Japan for our multiracial community. Our dishes have made their way to the hearts of locals and tourists alike!

Our Ramen broth is patiently prepared by boiling meat and bones over 30 hours and this is done to achieve a rich, milky and smooth texture. With no shortcuts taken, and no artificial flavorings added.

We are very confident that you will leave extremely satisfied with our preparation and presentation of our dishes, for we spare no expense in bringing you the perfect Japanese culinary experience. A feast not just for the fill, but an unforgettable dining experience!

Ramen Stall